Can Dogs Eat Canned Chicken?

Yes! However, it is not recommended to give your dog the same regular canned chicken that we eat as well. As this has too much sodium in it, which is very unhealthy for your dog.

Humans can easily digest all sorts of food. But the same doesn’t apply to our dogs; they have a susceptible digestive system.

Instead give your dog canned chicken from the pet store. Such as Wellness Canned Chicken.

This is very low in sodium, so way healthier for your dog!

Can Your Dog Eat Canned Chicken?

Yes! Your dog can eat canned chicken, but as you must be knowing canned chicken contains preservatives to keep it fresh. Therefore it is surely not good for your dog to eat it regularly.

Chicken is considered to be a green light for dogs. Be it biscuits, canned food, treats, kibbles chicken is the key ingredient of most of the dog food.

The way to feed canned chicken is different from fresh chicken, so let’s talk in detail about everything you need to consider while treating your four-legged friend canned chicken.

Harmful effects of sodium

The problem with canned chicken or for the matter of fact with every canned food is, it have a very high sodium content and that is anything but good for your furry friend. Their sensitive digestive system is unable to digest high-sodium food.

Excess sodium will lead to a lot of trips to restroom, but when it crosses a certain point it can even cause sodium poisoning in your poor pet’s belly.

Excessive sodium in the canned food if overfed can cause serious health hazards like Seizure, Diarrhea and vomating. If not treated well, these problems can further severely damage liver, kidney and heart of your fellow pet.

So, you know now that too much of canned chicken will upset your dogs health, but exactly how to make canned chicken consumption more safe for our dogs?

How to make the perfect canned chicken serve for your dog?

It is never recommended to feed your dog any canned food straight out from the can. As talked earlier, the high sodium content is not healthy for them, but there are a few tricks that can help you subtle the sodium to some extent.

Take the chicken out of the can and thoroughly wash it, it will help is removing the salt and marniation a bit. Strain the water and now the chicken is ready to be served to your dog.

Though rinsing helps in lowering the sodium content it doesn’t mean that the canned chicken is 100% safe for your dog, it still have sodium and you still are not allowed to feed it to your dog in every now and then.

Can dogs eat canned chicken soups?

The straight away answer is no, it is very harmful for dogs to eat canned chicken soup, it consist too much of salt, garlic and onion powder. Your dog might enjoy it from some time, but later they will surely not be happy with you letting them have the unhealthy soup.

If you want, you can make chicken soup for them at home with raw or canned chicken, this way you will only use ingredients that are safe for your dog.

Can dogs eat canned chicken broth?

Yes, you can feed your dogs canned chicken broth. Broth are bone based collagen, and it is great for your dog’s joints.

Your dog will also fall in love with the taste of the chicken broth, you would not have to force them to consume it for their health. But since it is canned you will have to make the serve really small, they can not over eat it.

If you want a healthier version you can make the chicken broth at home for them with carrots and potatoes.





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