Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat broccoli, in fact, it is full of nutrients that can be beneficial to your guinea pigs’ health such as vitamin c. Guinea pigs are known for becoming vitamin c deficient quite easily so this is a great option to keep those numbers up.

But of course, it has a downside as well. Too much broccoli can result in bladder stones because it is full of calcium and oxalates which can quickly become harmful to our beloved guinea pigs.

How much can they be given?

As a rule of thumb, keep it to about once or twice a week but only give them a small amount. The specific serving size suggestion is half of a floret with the stalk. When feeding them something for the first time be sure to always give a small portion to see how they will react before you start giving it to them often. This is not a vegetable you want to feed them every day as this is simply not safe for the health of your guinea pig.

What parts can they eat?

They are able to eat the whole broccoli including the leaves, stalks, florets, and rabe. The leaves and rabe of the broccoli should only be fed in moderation due to it having high contents of vitamin A.

Can they eat cooked broccoli?

No, it is best to keep your guinea pigs diet to fresh fruits and vegetables and nothing that is cooked. This is because when you cook them it releases all of the nutrients so your guinea pig will no longer be getting the health benefits when they eat their broccoli.

To keep it short, yes guinea pigs can eat broccoli but only give it to them a few times a week and always give it to them raw.

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