Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage?

Can guinea pigs eat cabbage? Yes, it actually has several health benefits for them, but there are also key points to keep in mind when deciding what to feed them.

What about the different kinds of cabbage?

Cabbage comes in purple, green, and red. Out of the three, the green has the least amount of nutrition in it, so you might decide against this type of cabbage. It is still safe for them in moderation; however, it would be essentially filling them up for nothing since it lacks the nutrients that the other two have. Additionally, too much of the green cabbage can cause kidney issues due to the high content of calcium. The red and purple are better options because they contain vitamin c, which is good for a guinea pig’s health.

Can they eat cabbage every day?

No, it is not recommended that they eat this on a daily basis because too much can easily cause health problems for your guinea pig. At most, feeding it to them three times a week is best, and do not go over that because cabbage will put too much raffinose in their intestines, causing digestive problems.

What parts of the cabbage can they eat?

They can eat any part of the cabbage, including the core/stalk and the leaves. In the guinea pig community, some argue that the core is not healthy for them, so it is up to the owner if they want to try that, but it might be in your best interest to avoid that area altogether.

How do you prepare cabbage for your guinea pig?

Just like most greens, you are going to want to wash the cabbage off thoroughly before giving it to your guinea pig to get rid of any dirt or chemicals that could possibly be harmful to them. Then, chop it into small chunks for your guinea pig to enjoy.

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