Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery?

Guinea pigs make excellent pets. If you are planning to get one, it is essential that you do your research regarding what foods are good for your pet and which foods are bad. There are plenty of foods that people believe are good for guinea pigs, but they aren’t. There are also foods that are good for guinea pigs in moderation. This brings us to celery.

Can guinea pigs eat celery?

The answer to this question is yes, but in moderation.

Many people worry about their guinea pigs eating celery because of the stringy parts. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue. Guinea pigs can handle the stringy part because they spend their time eating hay, which is much stringier than celery.

There are several celery parts, including the tops, the roots, the hearts, and the leaves. While all celery parts are good for guinea pigs, it is actually the leafy part that is best. The leaves are very high in vitamins and nutrition.

Many supermarkets sell celery without the leaves. If you plan to feed it to your guinea pig, you should try to find celery containing the leaves. If you cannot find this type of celery in your local supermarket, you should try buying it fresh from the farmer’s market or a local farmer.

How Much Celery Is Enough?

Celery is good for your guinea pig but in moderation. You don’t want to feed your guinea pig celery everyday, but two to three times a week is fine. To make it a nutritious meal, you can mix the celery with another leafy vegetable such as kale or spinach.

When feeding your guinea pig celery, a whole stalk is too much. It is best to feed your pet about a sixth of the stalk. When you combine this with another leafy vegetable, it makes for a good meal.

It is important to understand that while celery and other leafy veggies are good for your guinea pig, they don’t contain all of the essential vitamins and minerals. You should feed your guinea pig grains everyday to provide a balanced diet.

If you plan to get your first guinea pig, you should do your research on diet and nutrition. There are plenty of foods that are great for your pet, but there are also several that can be harmful.

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