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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes?

A well-balanced guinea pig diet consists of fruits or vegetables along with their everyday serving of hay and kibble. Grapes are one of many refreshing fruits out there but are they safe for your guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can have grapes in moderation, but there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so. Guinea pigs tend to have digestive issues, and too many grapes can make these problems worse.

Grape varieties

Red, purple, and green grapes are all safe for your guinea pig to enjoy but keep in mind the differences amongst them.

Green grapes have the most sugar in them compared to purple and red varieties.

Red and purple grapes have a lower amount of sugar while also having the most antioxidants, which give the most benefits for your guinea pig.

While grapes are generally safe to feed guinea pigs, be sure you do not feed them the kind with seeds in them as they are toxic and they are a choking hazard.

Finally, raisins and prunes are also considered part of the grape family, so we will touch on that as well.

These dried grapes have a lot of sugar in them, and this can be harmful to your guinea pig if they have a large amount of them. These problems include digestive issues, diarrhea, weight gain, and even diabetes. To be safe, you may want only to feed them fresh grapes.

While all grape varieties are safe for your guinea pig to eat, keep in mind it is never good to have too much of anything.

Other safe options for your guinea pig to enjoy include strawberries, celery stalks, and blueberries. Fruits and vegetables have important nutritional value for your guinea pig, so it is necessary to include it in their diet for them to be as healthy as possible.

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