Can hamsters eat Celery?

Hamsters love eating celery, so, the short answer is ‘Yes!’ your little furry pet can devour celery. Along with being tasty, this low-calorie vegetable is loaded with numerous health benefits for hamsters.

But as with everything, there is some downfall too, feeding an excess amount of celery can make your pet sick, it can cause your hamster diarrhea. So, let us understand the proper feeding technique of celery, the right proportion, and a lot more about hamsters and celery.

Can hamsters eat celery?

As long as you serve Celery in moderation, it is the perfect treat of taste and nutrition for your hamster. It is a healthy and safe vegetable for your pet.

Despite being a low-calorie vegetable it offers numerous nutritional benefits. A cup full of chopped Celery provides:

  • Vitamin K: 9mcg
  • Vitamin A: 453iu
  • Vitamin C: 1mg
  • Potassium: 236mg
  • Calcium: 4mg
  • Phosphorous: 24mg

All these qualities of Celery make it the perfect snack for hamsters. One important thing that hamster parents must know is; always feed Celery as an additional snack after a completely-balanced diet, it should never be replaced with the normal hamster food.

The right way to feed

Like with every new thing, you have to start slow. Begin with just a few raisin-sized bits of  Celery. Starting off with a huge portion holds a high probability of creating a choking hazard for your pet, as they are unaware of the vegetable’s taste and the amount they should take-in at once.

After the first serve, closely observe for any abnormal behavior for 24-48 hours. Keep them well-hydrated, if any issue comes up, contact your vet as soon as possible. If everything goes well, next time you can go on for bigger chunks.

This is the best method to serve Celery to your hamster:

  • Wash them thoroughly, to remove any bacteria or pesticide.
  • Dice it into raisin-sized bits.
  • Serve them Celery as snacks.
  • After some time take out the leftover from the cage, bacterias attack the exposed food, and that is the last thing you want your hamster to eat.

Health benefits associated with Celery

Celery is one of the best snacks for your hamster because:

  • It is a low-calorie vegetable and hamsters are susceptible to obesity therefore it is safe for them.
  • Celery is a low-carb treat, so it is not a threat to their blood-sugar level.
  • Vitamin A in the vegetables, makes the hamster’s fur grow faster.
  • Fiber helps in regulating your pet’s digestive system.
  • Anti-oxidants strengthen the immune system of hamsters.
  • Potassium and vitamin K protect the hamster’s nervous and cardiovascular system.

The side-effects of Celery

Despite being asked with so much nutrition, it can be dangerous for hamsters. More than required Celery can overwhelm your little pet’s body and can therefore cause

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  •  Apathy

Therefore feeding in moderation is important.

Can Hamster eat:

  • Cooked Celery

There is no harm in treating your hamster cooked Celery, but there is no benefit either. When cooked, almost everything loses a huge portion of its nutrition. Celery gets soft and your hamster might not even like the taste.

  • Celery Leaves

Celery leaves are much more nutritious than Celery itself, therefore sure, your hamster can eat it. But intense nutritions make it taste terrible and nobody likes the bad taste, not even hamsters!

Word to the wise!

Feed your hamsters with this nutrition-packed vegetable, but do not make it a daily snack, it will be way too much for their little digestive system.

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