DIY Hamster House: A Durable, Cheap and Beautiful Enclosure

No matter what hamster breed you have, it can be dwarf or Syrian Hamster, they all deserve to live in the right environment. Despite their miniature size, these little furry pets are small packets of energy. They roam all day here and there, nibbling on anything they find eatable, and keeping them confined in a cage is biasing with their energy.

These little guys need much more than metal bars to feel at home. Don’t worry, and you don’t need to spend bundles of buck for them to be happy; you can surprise your exotic pet with a DIY house where they will be having enough space and interesting surroundings to play. So, put on your glove, and let’s get going:

Material List

Before make sure that you have the materials and equipment in the list below:


  • 12-15 gallons transparent accommodation bin
  • Plastic bottle (preferably of water or cola)
  • Wire
  • Wire mesh
  • Wheel


  • Drill machine
  • Wirecutter
  • Utility knife
  • Pen/marker
  • Duct tape

Before you start, do know this

If you are new to keeping hamsters, you should know different hamster species, like different environments. The dwarf breeds like Campbell, Roborovski, and Winter White Hamster like to keep exploring. Therefore it is important to provide space on the floor, which will help them be physically and mentally stimulated.

Whereas Russian and Roborovshi hamsters are not good at climbing because of their little weight and lack of muscles. Therefore for housing them, one should not make tunnels or sloped at a challenging angle. Chinese Hamsters, on the other hand, prefer to have longer enclosures than the taller ones.

So, do know which breed of hamster you have and choose the bin’s size and decorations accordingly. For sake reference, to hose a pair of a dwarf hamster, the ideal size of the bin would be:

  • Width: 80cm
  • Depth: 50cm
  • Height: 35cm
  • Wire mesh of spacing: 6mm

Making of the DIY Hamster House

It is time to get our hands dirty. Follow the below-given step by step directions to surprise your Hammy with your creativity:

  1. First, we should start by cutting off the windows and doors for the house. For this, you want to flip the bin and place the bin’s lid up in front of yourself.
  2. Using the pet or market, draw the windows and doors on the lid, make sure that you are leaving at least 2-inches of space on all the lid sides. This leftover space would be late utilized to create ventilation in the house using wire mesh.
  3. After drawing the outlets properly, you can start cutting the lid with the help of a utility knife.
  4. Now turn to the 2-inches space left on the sides. Drill holes into them with the help of a drill machine, maintaining 3-inches of distance in between.
  5. Now attach the holes with wire mesh.
  6. Cut the wire mesh in the proper size, so they fit perfectly into the windows. If you have made more than one window, make sure to fit the wire mesh to all of them.
  7. Now fit the wire mesh well in the windows. Do make sure that there are no sharp edges that can harm your little pet, safely cover them with the help of duct tape.
  8. Now that you are done with the windows and gates. Place the rest of the wire mesh on top of the bin’s lid. Sew the wire mesh securely through the hole you just drilled and the mesh. Seal the lid with the mesh, don’t miss out on any holes unsewed.

Now, cover the bin with the lid, and Hurray! Your DIY hamster house is ready. But wait, it’s not the end. We still have a bit more to do to make the house liveable for our furry little pets.

Let’s make the place cozier.

With the box setup ready, it is time to make the place a bit cozy for your pet.


Since hamsters are a sleepyhead, it is important to choose the right bedding for the house, where they can rest. Also, the wrong Bedding can have numerous side effects on our little hammies bedding.

Never use beddings made out of wood shaving or sawdust; they are very harmful and can cause various skin diseases. So, below are some options that you can choose from for making cozy bedding for the hamsters:

  • Soft Tissue Bedding
  • Shredded Paper Bedding
  • Shredded Card Material

Adding Fun to the House

What could be more fun than watching your Hamsters running and playing in your own made house? Hamsters love digging, foraging, and exploring to keep themselves busy. If your hamsters get bored in the house, they might start getting unhealthy, which gives you another big reason to add the house’s fun stuff. Below are the attractions that your hamster will surely appreciate:

  • Tunnels made out of tubes or plastics
  • Children’s toys, especially early learning toys.
  • Wheels
  • Ropes and Ladders
  • Hiding spots
  • Hammocks

You can go even more creative by making DIY toys for your Hamsters if you want them to stay super happy all the time.


Now that you have made the perfect enclosure for your pet that will keep them happy and busy, you might think that you are done now. But things like these need regular maintenance.

Waste of the hamsters need to be cleaned every day; otherwise, you will have to be punctual with your cleaning schedule.

It’s time to make the house home.

Your hamster house is ready for your hamster, and it is the time for the big reveal for your hamster. Add your hamster in the house and enjoy watching them playing and exploring their new enclosure!

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